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Blog / A special day, the 100th birthday anniversary of mr. Carlo Riva


A special day, the 100th birthday anniversary of mr. Carlo Riva

Every day we have the good fortune to be in contact with the most prestigious creations that a human mind has ever created in the nautical world, the Riva vintages.
Works that allow the genius of engineer Carlo Riva to never abandon us and to fall hopelessly in love, even in our days, with these iconic and timeless objects.

On this special day, 24 February 2022, Romano Bellini wishes to celebrate the 100th birthday anniversary of Mr. Riva by recounting his fondest memories.

About ten years ago, Romano had the honour of being invited to the celebration of engineer Riva’s 90th birthday at the Riva shipyard in Sarnico.
Precisely on this occasion, in the engineer’s beloved “Plancia” and studio, there was the first meeting between the two, consolidated by a pleasant chat that was destined to turn into a deep and esteemed friendship.

Romano Bellini recounts with great emotion that precise moment etched in his memory:
“On that occasion I had the opportunity to chat with him at length and to receive compliments, always most welcome, on his passion for his vintage Rivas and the restoration department that I do every day with my company to bring these boats to perfection.
I remember that taken by enthusiasm I decided to invite him to visit the result of this great passion, full of sacrifice and satisfaction: the Riva Vintage Collection.
I was looking forward to spending time with him near the boats in the collection, I didn’t know when but his response had been positive and auspicious, I knew he would not break his promise.

And so, much to his surprise, on 7 August 2013, Romano Bellini received a phone call from engineer Riva.
A matter of a couple of hours for the arrival and welcome at Bellini Nautica company.
Still very moved, Romano recounts that moment:
“Happily the engineer arrives and together we go to the place where I keep all our vintage Rivas. I notice his eyes glaze over, a thrill for him to see all his creations together.
For each model he pauses and tells me the ‘life, death and miracles’ of each boat with curious anecdotes about the history of each model. I, fascinated, listen to his stories as if I were leafing through an encyclopaedia.
Before leaving, he shakes my hand and says: “I would never have imagined that you had so much passion for my boats”, I remember it as if it were yesterday, and I thank him happily and proudly. We promise to see each other at least a couple of times a year for lunch together’.

On this occasion, Carlo Riva again left a promise and needless to say, it was kept in the following years. At each meeting, Romano Bellini listens with pleasure and admiration to the stories and anecdotes.

The engineer recognised Romano’s great passion to the extent that he sent him a blow-up with a dedication: ‘To those who appreciate and know the soul of my boats.

All guests of the vintage collection Bellini can admire it and Romano confesses: “I treasure that dedication with pride and jealousy!”

The surprises of Carlo Riva’s appointments never end. So it was that one Sunday in May 2015, Romano received a call. Once again it was the engineer!

This time Carlo asked if he could fulfil a wish: he would like to go out on board a Riva Aquarama with Romano. And so, together, they sailed the length and breadth of the waters of Lake Iseo, Carlo explaining the course to take and how to dose the throttles when turning.
The two spent an afternoon of great friendship with speeches in which mutual esteem and passion were the protagonists. 

We are proud to be able to preserve the heritage of vintage Rivas. It is a history that lives on within our walls.
Every day the team at Bellini Nautica draws great inspiration from this world.
The will is to continue to respect and enhance these boats to the fullest. period with the meticulousness, commitment and sacrifice that characterises restoration and more.  

And once again, on the 100th birthday anniversary of Carlo Riva, we would like to remember the genius and master of yachting.
Thank you Ing. Carlo Riva for passing on his timeless passion for the timeless object of excellence, with which one can easily fall in love.

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