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The importance of refitting for your boat

It is understood that a refitting thoughtfully done will allow your jewel to shine for longer

The summer season is now over, and the relaxing boat tours on the waves will be postponed until next year. Winter is drawing near and your boat will be put to rest until the warm season returns, just like it is going into hibernation.
These cold months provide the perfect interval to make some changes to your boat.
For example, if you would like to add some new features that you had longed for, or maybe just brush up the interior and update the system to a more modern standard.

Taking care of your boat is essential in allowing it to provide you with the same great performance that it did when it was brand new. Or, why not even improve that?

Repair work, fastening, renewal and painting are just some of the  activities included in refitting: a set of services dedicated to improving your boats structure, systems and interior (hardware, hydraulic system, or just the comfort related equipment).

What exactly is refitting?

This particular service is extremely complex, and cannot be described through general terminology. The various stages involved in the refitting process are often not related to one another and they are all relevant in their own way.

  • Addition or replacement of parts: a good example of this would be the replacement of the upholstery or new additions to improve the comfort of the interior.
  • Change: referring to structural changes of the boat or yacht;
  • Customisation: through the refitting process it is also possible to customise your boat to fit your aesthetic or functional needs.
  • Renovation: if your boat is an old model, you can easily install new systems and technologies, or just give it a more contemporary style.
  • Restoration: for example the restoration of an old wooden boat in order to preserve deterioration for much longer.

In fact, it does not matter to us what work your boat needs. The refitting will always be executed with mastery to the highest standard, relying on expertise and great care.

How to undergo a refitting

No matter who comes to us asking for an update of their boat systems, an upholstery replacement or a restoration of the hull, they always know well in advance what kind of results they would like to see when the works are over. We almost never have to help the customer understand what he really wants. On the other hand, what the customer wants does not always exactly match what the boat really needs.

Undertaking a successful and thoughtful refitting means making exactly the improvements that the boat needs in a way that the boat can handle or sustain. Nothing more.
Planning with care, deciding a realistic budget and, especially, not getting carried away or enticed by all the available upgrades.
As already mentioned, refitting offers a world of possibilities, but it is always best to focus only on what the boat really needs.
On some occasions this method might disappoint some expectations, but we believe that this is the best possible approach.

Our advice is to think deeply about what you can or cannot do to your boat before requesting a refitting. Careful planning will lead to your satisfaction, as it will allow you to keep costs low while transforming your boat in to a brand new boat that you will fall in love with all over again.

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