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The Floating Piers: From New York to the waters of Lake Iseo

For “The Floating Piers” event we have already hired four Riva motorboats for as long as the installation lasts

During the 16 days of the installation (from 18 June through 3 July) you will have the chance to see some VIPs on board one of our vintage Rivas. We will not tell their names, to keep them anonymous, but we can say that they come from New York.
Hollywood stars? NBA atheletes? Who knows. If you happen to see them, you will surely recognise them.

How is the day scheduled?

We will start with a tour around the lake; we will anchor near the bridge to walk on Christo’s walkway.Later, at their request, we will take you to visit our Riva Collection: 20 pieces of vintage Rivas, some of them unique in the world.

Accompanied by a guide who knows Lake Iseo and its natural beauty in depth, we will bring you to live an unforgettable day on board of one of the most luxurious and famous yachts in the world.
We will have lunch on the boat or in the island of Montisola, and after visiting the walkway from a totally privileged position, we will take you to discover the most beautiful places of our Lake Iseo which can be reached only by boat.

How to treat yourself to an unforgettable day

If you want to rent one of our Rivas for the days of The Floating Piers installation, there is still place.

Get a place on boat now!

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