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The Floating Piers: Christo’s Walkway on the waters of Lake Iseo

This summer, from 18 June through 3 July, 2016, you will have the chance to see on the waters of our Lake Iseo an unusual, glittering dahlia-yellow walkway, which will connect Sulzano, Montisola and the small island of San Paolo.

The Floating Piers, as the installation is called, is the last work of the artist Christo: a walkway of about five kilometres, distributed between the mainland and floating docks, for a total of about 70 thousand square metres.

A work of art on Lake Iseo

Christo, The Floating Piers. Collage 2014, 43.2 x 55.9 cm.
Pencil, crayon, paint enamel.
Photo by Wolfgang Volz, map, sample of fabric and ribbon.
Photo: André Grossmann
© 2014 Christo

The whole lake will turn into a work of art in the open; the show is guaranteed.

The Floating Piers consists of 200 thousand polypropylene cubes, 50x50x40 centimetres each, interconnected so as to form 32 modules, 100 metres long by 16 metres wide.
The modules, which will move following the movement of the waves, have the typical sloping edges of a beach, so that visitors can enter the waters of the Lake from anywhere they are.
Everything will be covered with a bright yellow polyamide fabric. This colour is not new for Christo, as he already used it for his work The Umbrellas, installed in Japan and the USA between 1988 and 1991.

The choice of colours, however, must not be considered accidental, but the result of a deep study when designing the project that considered both the place of the installation, the contrast with colours and the light of the landscape, and the season when the project will be installed: yellow is the colour that represents the dry summer season.

What is the meaning of The Floating Piers?

Christo writes on his website:

Visitors will experience this work of art by walking on it from Sulzano to Monte Isola and to the island of San Paolo, which it encircles.The mountains surrounding the lake will offer a bird’s-eye view of The Floating Piers, exposing unnoticed angles and altering perspectives.

It may be concluded that the main meaning of The Floating Piers is walking itself, which Christ calls “sexy”: it will be an intimate and deep experience and it will be perceived as a real walk on water.

Rendi ancora più coinvolgente questa esperienza

In addition to cover the 5 kilometres of The Floating Piers, at Bellini Nautica, you can rent an original Riva Aquarama to enjoy the entire installation while on board a legend of the Dolce Vita years.


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