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The “Dolce Vita” aboard Riva Aquarama

The origin of the word “Dolce Vita” came from the Italian historical period between 50s and 60s, in particular it related to Rome city, the eternal city made famous by Fellini’s film.

Rome is presented as a lively city which raise up and celebrate the end of a dark period, the World War II. The 60s are the years of the economic boom when it burst out the desire of living the pleasures, the beauties and the entertainments in one of the most beautiful city around the world: Rome, the capital city of Italy.

Afterwards, the word “Dolce Vita” is still keeping to deal with a carefree lifestyle dedicated to life’s pleasures, enough to be even used nowadays as a trend #hashtag on Instagram.

In fact, scrolling through the posts you can see that the #dolcevita is one of the most used for the captions of vintage Riva photos such as the famous Riva Aquarama model. This is clearly not a coincidence.

“Dolce Vita” has not only become a universal word to denote a state of mind. There is more. There is the joy of life, fun, light-heartedness but it has been associated with the timeless Riva boat several times, thus making it a legendary emblem.

The engineer Carlo Riva, the father of the Aquarama and his brothers such as Tritone, Florida and Ariston; built a big dream around a boat. The key to success was to create an object of desire with great skills. A new concept, a new style for those who love to enjoy beautiful things in their life.

The timeless Riva Aquarama is used not only to speed over the water, to reach a bay, to sunbathe lying on the stern on the mattresses. These are only visual images that remind us the real meaning of “Dolce Vita“. The deep meaning is not about the travel but it focuses on the experience.

To all this imaginary, famous customers and boat lovers contributed greatly to build the passion of Riva world.

The glamorous image was mainly given by movie stars, popular businessman and royal families.

Among these VIPs we remember Anita Ekberg who bought a Riva Tritone,

credits to Cantieri Riva di Sarnico
credits to Cantieri Riva di Sarnico

Brigitte Bardot who owned a “Florida”,

credits to Cantieri Riva di Sarnico
credits to Cantieri Riva di Sarnico

Sophia Loren who was used to moor in Santa Margherita Ligure, near Genova, aboard her “Super Aquarama”,

credits to Cantieri Riva di Sarnico
credits to Cantieri Riva di Sarnico

During the 90s businessmen Fabiano Rebecchini and Filippo Faruffini bought five “Aquarama” from the first exclusive collection by Riva.

We remembered also a royal member, the prince Ranieri who owned a Riva Tritone, Ferruccio Lamborghini, the homonymous owner of a car company, assembled on his Aquarama Lamborghini two motors from 350 CV.

Until we get to the actor George Clooney, a fan of Riva yacht.

Thanks to amazing beauty, elegance and popularity Riva yacht become an international symbol and an iconic
Dolce Vita” lifestyle.

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