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Cutting-edge technology by Cranchi Yachts

team BELLINI’s visit

The beauty is the main aim and what Cranchi wants to build. A result obtained by investing in design and engineering.

Today Cranchi Yachts produces boats up to 25 metres, with cutting-edge materials and technologies and a production model recognised as a reference point for the nautical sector.
On Tuesday 8th November 2022, the Bellini Nautica team had the honour of being welcomed at Cranchi Yachts’ production centre in Piantedo.

An instructive and stimulating experience in which the planning of each production phase was appreciated.
Precision and industrialisation of processes without losing sight of the quality that distinguishes the brand.

The visit began at the Piantedo Plant 1 headquarters with a warm welcome from the Cranchi team, who proudly recounted its history that began in 1870.
An exciting journey of evolution, a journey spanning decades, marked by intuitions and new visions in a continuous search for absolute quality.

We then went to the Research Centre, a department dedicated to engineering the production process of each new Cranchi yacht.

Specifically, we visited the production dedicated to yachts up to 44 feet.
We were able to see the fibreglass moulding departments where there are complex air conditioning systems capable of recirculating the air, purifying it 44 times every hour.
In addition, following Industry 4.0 principles, we closely observed the cooperation between skilled technicians and robots. A well-planned collaboration in a rigorous and highly defined process.

High levels of automation and research, continuous innovation. These are the key inspirational elements.

A competitive advantage constantly increased through substantial investments in technology, always paying great attention to the search for innovative and increasingly sustainable materials.
A process that is also possible thanks to the development and testing of new technological solutions that we have been able to see first hand.

All this has led Cranchi Yachts to create more complex projects and to the birth of Seventy Plant 2, known as the heart of production of boats up to 80 feet.
Specifically, we were able to admire the production of the Sessantasette 67 and Settantotto 78 flagships.

At the end of this experience, Romano Bellini, president of Bellini Nautica, says, “visiting such a well-structured and high quality reality makes us enthusiastic. We are proud to have been Cranchi’s official dealer for 26 years now.”

A solid and well-structured relationship over time, demonstrated by mutual esteem as cited by Romano Bellini: “the seriousness, fairness and professionalism of the Cranchi family has always stood out, even and especially in the most difficult times in the nautical world. The support of this great family has never been lacking.”

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