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Riva Aquarama Experience


Imagine an hour immersed in a journey back in time. The protagonists? You, the view of Lake Iseo and the charm of Bella Vita. For groups up to 7 people, Bellini Nautica offers the exclusive Riva Aquarama rental service with driver to offer an absolutely fascinating and suggestive experience. Accompanied by a guide who deeply knows Lake Iseo and its natural beauties, you will experience an unforgettable hour tour aboard one of the most luxurious and renowned boats in the world.

How does it work?

  • Would you like to experience the tour for more than an hour? Add this product to your cart several times, 2 for 2 hours, 3 for 3 hours and so on.
  • Need 2 boats or more? We provide up to 4 boats at the same time (all Riva Aquarama, top of the range). To get 2 or more just add 2,3,4 to your cart to get more boats for 1 hour.
  • As soon as we receive your booking confirmation we will contact you to determine the date you would like to use the service.
  • Do you need a personalized service? Click here to ask for a quote for a personalized tour.




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