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Blog / Romero Britto x Bellini, pop art meets timeless Aquarama design


Romero Britto x Bellini, pop art meets timeless Aquarama design

Bellini Nautica’s relentless aesthetic research continues this year in a new exclusive collaboration with the Galleria Deodato Arte and an internationally renowned artist: Romero Britto. A sophisticated project combining Art and Design Made in Italy in the realisation of an iconic Riva Aquarama, skilfully re-edited through the unprecedented expressive language of the artist. The contemporary style and POP-CULTURE of Romero Britto thus meets the timeless charm of Riva Aquarama, symbol par excellence of Italian elegance and icon of unparalleled design. An exceptional combination characterised by a play of contrasts, between dissimilar shapes, bright colours and different precious finishes that make the final work unique.

“When we meet and manage to create collaborations with this naturalness and simplicity, we often speak of ‘elective affinities’. We like to call them ‘selective affinities’, because they capture and then extrapolate the expressive product of painting and design on the one hand, of passion and tradition on the other, to remix them into a new and unique expression of art.” explains Battista Bellini, managing director of Bellini Nautica.

The project in collaboration with the artist and the Galleria Deodato Arte is part of a broader path and underlines Bellini Nautica’s strong link with the world of art. Every year, the historic Clusane shipyard presents important collaborations with well-known names on the international art scene, creating true works of art. Not only restoration and care of the legendary wooden boats therefore, but also pure creation, bringing new meanings and current aesthetic concepts into the Riva universe.
The art project will be presented at Bellini Nautica on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 June 2022, through a dedicated exhibition that will also involve the Deodato Arte Gallery with a selection of works by Romero Britto himself, taken from the exhibition ‘ROMERO BRITTO: Pop Art Empire”.

An exclusive project that combines Art and Design Made in Italy capable of enhancing the beauty of two different but now increasingly close and complementary worlds.

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