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Riva Ferrari 32: when two Italian icons meet

Produced in 1990 in only 40 specimens, this boat is the result of the collaboration between two world icons as the name suggests: Riva and Ferrari.

credits to Motori Storici

32 indicates the dimensions of the boat which is 9.6 meters long and is fitted with two Vulcano 400 V8 engines capable of developing 390 HP individually, reaching a maximum speed of approximately 62 miles per hour (100 km/h).

After about 150 years, the Riva shipyard meets Ferrari excellence in a project that expressed speed and beauty right from the start.

The purpose of the partnership was precisely to bring a Ferrari to speed on the water.

The development of the project was overseen by Gino Gervasoni, at the time head of the Cantiere Riva and in close relationship with the Casa Maranello.

Thanks to the precious collaboration with the Ferrari engineering department, they studied the materials, aerodynamics and design so that the boat could manifest itself and represent both brands in a painstaking way.

The first prototype was made of wood, and from the very first tests the model managed to reach 100 km/h, thus production was started for a boat with performances that could be equipped to those of an off-shore type racing boat.

Externally painted in Rosso Corsa color with the two Prancing Cavallino badges on the sides.

Even the steering wheel, covered in leather, features the Ferrari logo and is delimited by black indicators with yellow lettering and dials.

credits to Motori di Lusso

The spoiler inspired by the racing world could not be missing. The stylistic elements proposed again were inspired by the Testarossa from which it inherited the stupendous “scratches” that would have consecrated that car to history, positioned on the side fairing and on the stern to ventilate the engine compartment. The black wing was certainly aesthetic but also functional, after numerous studies on aerodynamics so that it could lighten the boat during the highest speeds, improving its performance. The lines are minimal for optical cleanliness but also for better performance. The pilot and co-pilot stations are spacious and allow the owner to steer the boat both sitting and standing. The cabin can accommodate two people thanks to the bow bed and the toilet.

The Ferrari Testarossa still defines the essence of the Prancing Cavallino today, while the Riva Aquarama is the most famous boat in the world, the legend of the Riva shipyards. From this point of view, the Riva Ferrari 32, produced in only 40 units, is still today an engineering masterpiece, an example of the perfect union between two apparently distant worlds as well as an exaltation of Italian spirit, performance and style.

This is a real collector’s model, the Ferrari of the sea.

credits to Motori di Lusso

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