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Riva d’Epoca restoration

Riva passion: a decades-long history

Restoring a boat is an art. Restoring a Riva is a love story.

Ever since he was a child, Romano Bellini has been fascinated by Riva. “I have always admired wooden boats and over the years, I learned to appreciate Riva boats especially for their harmonious lines, the quality of the materials used and the perfection of their construction”. This is how his attraction to the Riva dockyards became inevitable and Bellini Nautica established with them a relation founded on synergy and mutual esteem. Romano Bellini is increasingly involved in the creation of books, events and documentaries on the historical Riva models, thanks to his valuable and incomparable private collection.


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Aquarama Special restoration

Aquarama restoration

Riva Junior restoration

Aquarama Series III restoration

In 2000, with the acquisition of Riva by the Ferretti Group, Romano Bellini met the then president Norberto Ferretti, with whom he formed an association that still continues today. Every restoration requires meticulous attention to detail, patience and dedication. It is nourished by time and precision, every stage of the restoration requires expert and skilful hands. Bellini Nautica has been restoring vintage Riva boats for decades and has acquired all the skills and proficiency required to return any model to its former glory.

When a Riva boat is welcomed inside the Bellini dockyards for restoration, a series of meticulous processes that resemble an ancient and fascinating ritual begin. Like a courtship. Each step is respected and performed with obsessive attention, to obtain an amazing result. Patience is the keyword: there’s no need to rush when carrying out a restoration of this level. It’s just like being in love: there’s the right time to experience every milestone. From the first day of the work until its completion after 9 months is an intense period, in which the same evocative adventure is invariably repeated. You get to know the boat, you pamper it, you gain its trust and confidence and finally, you fall in love. Madly. So much so that letting it go is always disappointing. Like a great love leaving and going away to find its own path. Indeed, its own wake.


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Bellini nautica offers the most complete archive of Historical Riva resulting from years of experience, analysis and knowledge.

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