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Riva Aquarama Zoom, the story

An unprecedented challenge: to face the Atlantic Ocean and then the Mediterranean sea that will prove no less difficult with a hull famous for its charm. It was already a company, but Gian Franco Rossi, the Monegasco of Sarnico, has done even more, winning.

The London – Montecarlo Speed Race consists of 14 intense laps with stops in Cowes, Brest, La Rochelle, Bilbao, La Coruna, Oporto, Cascais, Portimao, Marbella, Almeria, La Grande Motte and at least Montecarlo for a total of 2650 nautical miles.

A real endurance of 14 days at sea, racing with 29 fierce crews, mainly British, on racing hulls that exceed 30 feet, with engines capable of 800 HP average, as the favorite English driver Tim Powell on board his Bertram 33, a 40-foot racing car with over 1000 HP. It is the first time that such a competition is organized and participation in an event of such magnitude is an opportunity that the Riva company does not want to miss.

The Riva shipyard was founded in 1842 in Sarnico, Lake Iseo in Italy and from the begigging first boats produced the brand stands out for its quality and personality.

In the ’50s, the helm of the company is in the skilled hands of Carlo Riva, thanks to the use of selected materials and details modeled with care and craftsmanship experience Riva creations become real objects of desire.

In November 1962 the myth was born, its name is Aquarama; in a short time it will become the symbol of Riva and object of worship for many fans.
“Sun, sea, joy of life!” is the slogan for the presentation of the prototype, the famous Lipicar n.1.

An elegant spider of the sea, covered with Honduran mahogany planking with cream and aquamarine interiors.
To witness success and exclusivity of the Riva boats is the strong link with the personalities of the sports, film and business world; they are renamed the “Rolls Royce of the sea” becoming from the years ’50 symbol of an era and floating works of art, perfect synthesis of Italian design and craftsmanship.

For enthusiasts and lucky owners, Riva motorboats were synonymous with charm, creativity and passion for excellence, in which to transfer their personality through unique customizations.

Among the most famous is that of Ferruccio Lamborghini, owner of the famous sports cars, that on its legendary Aquarama number 278 had the standard V8 engines replaced with a pair of V12 supplied with the Lamborghini 350GT making it the fastest Aquarama ever built capable of reaching 48 knots, 89 kilometers per hour!

In 1970 the Superaquarama number 427 left the shipyard of Sarnico to Monte Carlo probably destined to be exhibited in the most exclusive locations of the Côte d’Azur, but the future that awaits it is much more challenging and exciting.

That Riva will take part in an unprecedented challenge, a race of duration across the Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, an arduous feat for a hull famous for its charm.

The Riva Zoom in the water is fast and reactive, but being a hull derived from the series, to compete against competition boats of higher tonnage and power, must be fully exploited its 700 HP, the real added value lies in the driving skill and race strategy.

On June 24th 1972, the Zoom appears fast on the horizon and finally crosses the finish line in Monte Carlo conquering the second place overall and the class victory; a triumph for the protagonists of the enterprise and for the Principality of which they are the standard-bearer.

That same evening the Riva crew, composed of three young and enthusiastic Italians, is awarded by Princess Grace Kelly and the young Prince Alberto; their names are Gianfranco Rossi, Renato Mazzolini and Ettore Andenna.

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