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The artistic works in Bellini Nautica’s heart

Art is in the center of Bellini Nautica’s heart, so after the event “Iseo lake is beautiful” the unique model of Riva Aquarama Super, a collaboration born with the international artist Mr. Brainwash, we are proud to share with you, once again, our passion for art.

We are pleased to announce the presence of other artworks to be admired, free of charge, in the scenery of our shipyard in Clusane on the shores of Lake Iseo.

This is a real journey to discover the uniqueness and history of real works of art.

Right from the start, at the entrance to the site in all its majesty, it is possible to admire the sculpture “Die Mauer”, a work by Matteo Pugliese on display until the end of September 2021.
The large sculpture, more than six meters high, was created in 2009 on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and is a preview of the most classic series of the sculptor, entitled “Extra Moenia”, whose protagonists are bronze men who with energetic gestures and torsions of the limbs try to reject the material, to emerge from the walls desperately trying to break away from it, almost a very personal reworking of Michelangelo’s “non-finished” to which the artist seems to refer also in the powerful rendering of muscles. They are individuals without certainty and balance who fight against themselves and against the world, they defend themselves, hope, run away, close in on themselves. The wall therefore has an ambiguous role: it is the antagonist of the sculpture, but at the same time the raison d’être and fundamental component of the work.

A different sculpture dedicated to the theme of travel is on permanent display at the entrance to the offices.
The artist Bruno Catalano, a well-known French sculptor, is best known for creating sculptures of figures with substantial sections missing.
The universal theme of travel has always inspired him. From his early works with clay, hundreds of travelers were born.
The sculptor has always expressed in his works the central idea of a nomadic humanity that is constantly searching for a better tomorrow.

In addition to the above sculptures, it is possible to admire unique pieces dedicated to the iconic world of vintage Riva.
The permanent exhibition of a series of models of vintage Rivas in scale 1:10 entirely built by the artisan Piero Facchetti.
Each model has been handcrafted and the attention to detail will capture your attention. The beauty of these objects of desire and the peculiarities maintained even in their small size are simply unique.

In addition to the models you can see the model of the 320 HP Riva Crusader G.M. engine made by Petroli Leonardo in scale 1:10.
Every single part has been faithfully reproduced in brass as a prototype then used to make a mold in two-component resin made through the system of lost wax, we obtained several pieces for different engines.
The whole engine is composed of 90 pieces. The paint used is like the original of the real engines, properly thinned.
The fact that everything has been self-made has obviously led to a considerable expenditure of time, the modeler said he took two years to make the engine. The result was greatly rewarded with a letter of compliments from Carlo Riva and a gold medal at the Italian Navimodel Championship.

The classic aspect of modeling is clearly compared to the modern work “Give me a Riva” by Daniele Fortuna, a well-known artist-designer who transforms wood into colorful sculptures through which he shares his emotions with the world.
His paintings and sculptures appropriate subjects of classical art, pop icons of modernity and elements of nature, subjected to a process of “colormination”, or a contamination of kaleidoscopic colors where the color becomes, in fact, symbol of the most sincere emotions.
Just like the hand with its iconic aquamarine color in contrast with the wood color of the firmly grasped Riva model.
The artist’s works are born from a meticulous craftsmanship, reassuring and alive. Everything starts from the drawing, in pencil, made directly on pieces of raw wood that are then, patiently, carved. The shape, obtained, is then replicated, always by hand, until obtaining the necessary quantity to give life to the sculpture. Once colored and enameled, the “bricks” are assembled to create the volumes and the three-dimensionality of the sculpture.

The work of craftsmanship is well present and well known within Cantieri Bellini, and it is probably also for this reason that we are driven to have a greater eye for what is created by the hands of artists.

We are aware of this because we are lucky enough to have the restoration department of vintage Riva’s where every day you can touch real works of craftsmanship made in Italy.

Among these works we are proud to show to the public the most complete private Riva vintage collection  in the world that you can visit by appointment at the following link:

We are thrilled to be able to share all this with you, all you have to do is come and visit us to see all these works live.

The entrance to the Bellini shipyards is free, we are waiting for you!

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