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Lake Iseo at the center of Bergamo – Brescia, Italian culture capital in 2023

2023 is the year of hope for Bergamo and Brescia towns.

The project, born from the will of the townhalls majors’ and it is of the highest profile for a possible rebirth following the difficult period of the pandemic: through the conscious choice of culture.

In addition to the Cultural Departments, universities, businesses, and the world of craftsmanship, health, education, tourism, and many others have been involved.

Four thematic areas have been identified for the activation of initiatives and events: the city of hidden treasures, the city of nature, the city that invents, and culture as a cure.
For the first time, the artistic and cultural heritage of the two cities is recognized as a unique capital, under the name of “Illuminated City”! Lake Iseo is located in the center of the two provinces and it is one of the major attractions of the entire Lombardy region, thanks to enchanting views such as Monteisola, Isola di Loreto, and Isola di San Paolo.

Riva Aquarama with the background of San Paolo Island.

Among charming villages overlooking the lake waters, there is also a renowned local craftsmanship, particularly in the nautical sector. In 1960, the reality of Romano Bellini was born, which over the years has gained fame among Riva collectors all over the world, thanks to the passion for aesthetics, elegance, and craftsmanship of  Riva vintage boats.

In this regard, in Corte Franca there is the Riva Vintage Restoration workshop, where the work of great patience, precision, and experience are the main characters. The craftsmen carefully select the best mahogany and begin the long and slow process of restoring Riva vintage boats.


A meticulous work that can be admired by booking the guided tour that will accompany each guest to discover and see firsthand these unique gems in all the world.

In addition to the Restoration Department, there is the Riva Vintage Collection, better known as the most complete collection in the world where unique and luxurious models are displayed, such as the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini.


A new vision of historical models has led to the marriage of history with a more contemporary style such as pop and street art, thanks to famous artists: Mr. Brainwash and Romero Britto, involved by Martina and Battista Bellini, the third generation of the company.

Brainwash x Bellini

Mr. Brainwash has made a unique piece out of a custumized Aquarama Super model by designing the upholstery. The model signed by the artist is on display within the collection and was nicknamed “Lake is Beautiful”, taking inspiration from his slogan “Life is beautiful” and thus paying tribute to the landscape and the area of Lake Iseo.

To fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the Lake Iseo, a unique experience is to navigate on one of the boats like Riva Aquarama, admiring the breathtaking views and living the atmosphere of the Dolce Vita.


Discover all of our Riva Experience and live the Lake Iseo to the fullest!




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