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How to restore a vintage Riva yacht? Part 1

Nine months of meticulous courtship, for a timeless love

For those of us that do it every day, working on a vintage Riva motorboat is a great honor. This is not just a job for us, it is a mission. Do you think that we are exaggerating? No, we are not. Let us explain why.

First of all, any Riva yacht is part of motorboating history. That antique mahogany is steeped in charm, magic, Dolce Vita and sea salt. That is without even mentioning the unmistakable Made in Italy design, which makes each hull a masterpiece of elegance.
Second, to restore a Riva is like loving someone. A genuine courtship. The restoration of a vintage yacht requires patience, time, passion, and precision. The phases of vintage restoration follow one another like a ritual and must be completed with extreme precision, drawing on the know-how that only those who have in-depth knowledge of the history and charm of Riva possess.

Whenever a Riva yacht crosses the threshold of Bellini Nautica B&C, a sequence of coordinated and combined operations are put into motion, just like the gears of a clock. The Bellini team kicks off a high level vintage yacht restoration, achieving every milestone with professionalism and dedication. And the result, that is, the innate brilliance of the original splendor, is touching.

At the end of each restoration, returning the yacht to her owner is like losing a piece of yourheart. After months of living side by side, we assure you that you fall in love. This is exactly how our Bellini Collection was created: every time we brought a vintage masterpiece to life again, we were unable to separate from it. And today, thanks to the opening of the Bellini Riva museum you too can reach out and touch the results of our hard work.

But what are the steps to achieve this goal? The best way to discover them in detail is certainly visiting the Bellini shipyards, to see for yourself our expert team at work. If you want to explore all the steps involved in a restoration, one by one, we invite you to meet us in our next blog post, in which we will reveal all our secrets.

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