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How to prepare your boat for transport

Sooner or later there comes a time when your boat must be transported. It should be transported because it needs restoring or overhauling, or simply because this year you want to ride on the waves of a different lake.
Whatever the purpose, transporting a boat requires a careful preparation of the boat, in order to avoid any inconvenience and finish it all to perfection.

What are the precautions to be considered before transport?

1. Take your time, but well in advance

Preparing a boat for transport takes time. For this, it would be convenient to make efforts in advance, as there are many factors that need attention.

2. Check any pre-existing damage

First of all, make sure your boat does not have any pre-existing damage and, above all, that it is not damaged when it is loaded on the means of transport. Take as many pictures as you can to document everything.
To check this best, thoroughly clean the hull so as to bring out any damage no matter how small. Finally, make a list of such problems found and write a date and stamp or sign it.

3.Vacate the boat

It is appropriate to remove all personal items from your boat that could hamper transport or move during the trip running the risk of causing problems. We recommend you to take pictures even in this case, so as to remember exactly where to reposition later the objects removed.
The objects that cannot be removed, attach them, both above and below-deck.
Also remember to close and secure all hatch covers, as well as the windows and anything that protrudes from the deck of the boat.

4. Empty the tanks

Discharge all the tanks, both the fuel and water tanks. It would be ideal to leave the tanks completely empty, but it is acceptable if they are only ¼ full.
Also remove any plugs from the drainage, so as to drain it completely. If transport is carried out during the winter months, all to water systems, such as pumps and air conditioners, must be completely drained.

5. Disconnect the batteries

Disconnect the batteries and fix the cables away from them to avoid any contact. For the same reason, remove all electronic devices present in the cabin or any radar or fly-bridge.

6. Protect the wooden boat

If the boat that requires transport is a wooden boat, prepare it carefully to prevent drying, by coating the hull with linseed oil.

7. Rely on an expert

All these recommendations can be a difficult task. Remember that some dockyrds that deal with transport are also involved in the preparation of the boat, lightening the burden.

8. Relax

After this careful preparation, your boat is definitely ready and will be entrusted to safe hands which will have special care during transport. Then relax and wait for the successful operation to be communicated.

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