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Enjoy la Dolce Vita on the waters of Lake Iseo

The 1960s were, for many, dreamy and carefree years characterised by the mystery and allure of the Dolce Vita that brightened people’s lives. Those years might seem rather distant nowadays.
It is hard today to imagine the feelings of riding on a Vespa around the old town, or of taking quiet walks listening to some light Italian popular music or the rapid-paced rhythm of English music.

A different age of different values and a more genuine outlook on daily life: during these years pop culture took in and in contrast to the formality of the 1950s, led to the rise of prominent female figures and more freedom of expression

The economic boom, the hopes for the future and the atmosphere that was felt are now just beautiful memories for whoever lived those years to the fullest, and something to daydream about for those who just heard tales about it from their parents.

What if there was a place where you could relive the ‘60s and the Dolce Vita?

If the queens of the roads were the Vespa and the Fiat 600, there is no doubt that in the waters nothing could be compared to the Riva Aquarama. Its slogan: «Sun, Sea, joy of living» works today too. Letting yourself get carried away on the waves of Lake d’Iseo while riding a Riva Aquarama will give you a unique and unmatchable thrill.

At Bellini Nautica’s dockyards, you can rent this masterpiece created by Carlo Riva and, following a pre-set itinerary, discover the most fascinating spots of our lake, reachable only by boat. You will be able to relax and sunbathe on the stern and, while allowing yourself to be completely at ease with the Lake’s waters, close your eyes and imagine being in Saint Tropez in company of the movie stars of the classic cinema.

The panorama of Lake d’Iseo knows how to inspire this fantasy, thanks to its azure waters and the luxuriant vegetation. The small harbours of Sarnico, Sale Marasino, Lake d’Iseo and the small parts of the lake’s basin will magically turn into the inlets and gulfs of the French Riviera

As soon as you notice the Tower of San Paolo, also known as the Clock tower, standing out from the houses roofs, you will immediately know you are nearing Sarnico. The only thing left to do will be berthing at the futuristic harbour.

What to visit in Sarnico?

After arriving, you can take a walk in the city streets and admire the fifteenth century architecture that is still intact today. For example, San Paolo Church, built in 1428 on the ruins of Marenzi’s family castle. Inside the church, some magnificent frescos of the same era can be enjoyed.

Not far from the church, inside of Palazzo Gervasoni in the very centre of Sarnico’s old town, you will find the art gallery of the painter Gianni Bellini. We are not mentioning this gallery due to the last name of the artist, but for its 150 works, dated between the sixteenth and eighteenth century. For art lovers, there is a collection of paintings that cannot be missed: 128 paintings, antique furniture, marble statues, and four processional crucifixes, one wooden and three in silvered copper.

The art- nouveau enthusiasts will definitely be charmed by the dwelling of the late nineteenth century artists like Villa Faccononi, Villa Surre and Villa Passeri.

To relax under the sun you can lay on the green of the Fontani or Nettuno beach resort, the latter bigger and more popular thanks to the bars, pizzerias and sport centre that liven up the area.

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