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Technical Counseling and Naval Procedures

Full nautical advice for your boat

Being able to count on a staff of experts, Bellini Nautica knows how to provide each customer with the technical advice they need. Whether it is the assessment of the value of one’s boat or the choice of the best on-board GPS system, those entering the dockyard will always find a staff member ready to welcome them and help them find the answers they need.

Thanks to the in-depth and accurate knowledge of the world of boats and nautical market, Bellini’s team is always ready and prepared to best support the customer.

Consistently with the care of the after-sales technical support team (the piece de resistance of the dockyard services), Bellini Nautica also cares about helping its customers complete all mandatory nautical procedures:

  • boat licenses;
  • renewals;
  • registrations;
  • transfer of ownership;
  • registration document duplicates;

Also offering targeted advice to the boat owner on insurance that best suits their needs.

Furthermore, thanks to a partnership with a trusted agency, Bellini Nautica offers leasing services tailored to the customer.

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