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Boat transfer and transportation

Bellini Nautica, thanks to its great experience in the boating field and long activity in dockyard management and boat storage, has throughout the years managed to select professional transporters to whom we entrust the transport of our customer’s boats.

These aspects of professionalism are ingrained in our company and selected according to reliability and safety. The transport companies which Bellini Nautica focus on only employ expert drivers, trained and experienced in the transportation of boats of all kinds, well aware of the fragility of what they’re carrying and constantly meticulous when it comes to bindings and fixing.

Bellini Nautica supervises loading and unloading and personally makes sure that ratchet stripes with screws and eye bolts are used and that the procedures are correctly executed. Furthermore, Bellini Nautica checks that the boat transport vehicle has specific insurance coverage and verifies that – when necessary – the driver is willing to sleep on the truck without ever losing sight of the boat.

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