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Boat refitting and painting

To allow the customer to renew and refresh the look of their boat, Bellini Nautica has included in its range of on-site services a boat refitting service. This service includes the refurbishment of the boat in all its aspects, according to the priorities and specific needs of the customer.

Boat storage and harbour services

One of Bellini Nautica’s mottos is «don’t be jealous if we love your boat more than you do». And one of the greatest expressions of attention and meticulous care that Bellini’s staff dedicates to every single boat is certainly the boat storage service.

Mechanical assistance and maintenance

As a certified Volvo Penta workshop, Bellini Nautica is nationally recognised as one of the best partners, very reliable and safe, for everything concerning the overhaul and repair of marine engines of all kinds, also and especially vintage engines. As far as the latter is concerned, Bellini Nautica guarantees an all-round consultancy service, thanks to decades of experience and deep-rooted knowledge of the B&C Restoration division.

Boat transfer and transportation

Bellini Nautica, thanks to its great experience in the boating field and long activity in dockyard management and boat storage, has throughout the years managed to select professional transporters to whom we entrust the transport of our customer’s boats.

Technical counseling and naval procedures

Being able to count on a staff of experts, Bellini Nautica knows how to provide each customer with the technical advice they need. Whether it is the assessment of the value of one’s boat or the choice of the best on-board GPS system, those entering the dockyard will always find a staff member ready to welcome them and help them find the answers they need.

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