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The history of Riva boats began in 1842 when Pietro Riva, a young professional in the repair and construction of various boats, founded one of the first shipyards on Lake Iseo, destined to have enormous success in the decades to come. His son Ernesto, with the introduction of the internal combustion engine on Riva boats, began to make the company known to the Sebini, thanks to the first tourist trips on the lake and around the shipyard. But it is Serafino, Ernesto’s successor, who transforms these high quality boats into a real brand: since the 1950s there have been numerous famous people who show off Riva boats and have themselves photographed driving this boat, bringing it to international fame .

This model reaches the Aquarama apex as navigability and performance thanks to the deep V hull and the two 320 Riva V8 GM Riva engines each.
Everyone recognizes the beginning of the absolute myth. This boat in particular, totally original in its parts and in the colors of the time, is equipped with two Chris Craft V8 engines of 185 hp each.
A very special and rare boat, in fact only seven units of this series were built, because it was the transition phase with the imminent birth of the Riva Olympic.
This model was born in 1966 as an entry boat for those who wanted to approach the Riva world. It mounts a GM Riva engine with eight V-shaped 190 hp engines.
It is the first boat that gave life to the Riva Collection by Bellini Nautica, it is also an interesting model because it highlights the evolution of the pleasure boat that can also be used for water skiing.

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