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Artwork or Super Yacht? The Guilty Yacht signed by Jeff Koons for contemporary art collector Dakis Joannou

A true floating work of art with a length of 35 meters and a value of $40 million.

This Yacht was commissioned by entrepreneur and contemporary art collector Dakis Joannou from artist Jeff Koons, and studied in detail by Italian designer Ivana Porfiri.

The vessel features a trimmed bow and three decks; size was the only constraint dictated by the owner’s berth.

Guest cabins are located on the lower deck while the yacht’s salon is on the main deck along with a service area and wheelhouse. On the upper deck, however, is the amateur cabin, which occupies almost all the space and enjoys a 180-degree view of the outside.

The geometric designs (yellow-colored rhombuses, pink triangles, and blue polygons) are inspired by Razzle Dazzle, the British naval camouflage during World War I.

Razzle Dazzle is in fact the technique used during the war to conceal a vessel or military instrument: instead of camouflaging the object, it was preferred to confuse the viewer. Jeff Koons hand-painted the yacht to create this alienating effect. On the sides of the ship, the artist played with the idea of pyramids, an oasis and a mirage: “If the sea was calm,” the artist explains, “then you would get a reflection, and the model would have a doubling effect that makes it even more abstract.

In contrast to the exterior part, the yacht’s interior takes on a minimalist aesthetic with walls and ceilings all whitewashed. Huge windows maximize natural light inside. Understated and elegant furnishings, such as Patricia Urquiola‘s Fat Sofa, are contrasted with pop and iconic artworks found throughout the yacht’s rooms such as Anish Kapoor‘s Hex Mirror. The perception inside is that of being in a floating artwork where a central staircase transforms from rosy purple to blue to warm yellow.

Gulity is an open- air museum and a work within a work of art because the yacht is home to some of the most interesting artistic evidence of our century. The boat’s name is inspired precisely by one of the works displayed on the yacht. It is Guilty by Sarah Moris painted on canvas in one of the boat’s cabins.







Credits to  Clara Salzano

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