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Riva passion: a decades-long history

Xavier Casalta (2023)

The protagonist of 2023 is an iconic Riva Aquarama reinterpreted by the style of the French artist Xavier Casalta. The artwork presented is part of the Four Seasons series, a collection of four creations developed on a square surface, each of which depicts a season with flowers and fruits that become interchangeable subjects, expertly mixed. The creations required an impressive 2,000 hours of work, with an average of 500/600 for each one.

Romero Britto (2022)

Bellini Nautica still continues its aesthetic research in 2022 in a new exclusive collaboration with Deodato Art Gallery and an International Artist, Romero Britto. A sophisticated project that combines Art and Made in Italy Design in the creation of an iconic Riva Aquarama, expertly re-edited through the artist’s unusual expressive language. Romero Britto contemporary style and Pop-culture meets the timeless charm of Riva Aquarama, excellence of Italian elegance and iconic design. An extraordinary union characterized by a unique contrast between different shapes, bright colors and precious details that create a special artwork.

Mr Brainwash (2021)

Bellini Nautica in collaboration with Mr.Brainwash (Thierry Guetta pseudonym), among the most known street artist on the contemporary scene, collaborate to “brainwash”, as they would say in slang, a Riva Aquarama Super. Mr.Brainwash concept can be explained as “brainwashing”: it is the overturning of traditional logics to create an alienation effect that activates unexpected reactions in the brain. The model of the unique Riva Aquarama Super signed by Mr.Brainwash is called Lake is Beautiful, along the lines of Mr.Brainwash’s slogan Life is Beautiful: a praise to the Lake Iseo and its beauties that lend themselves once again to art.


“The progressive transition from our language to bilingualism, as an intermediate step towards a single international language, deeply interested me, giving rise to an entire research project dedicated to speech and language. So if you asked to think to an apple, everyone would imagine it in their own way and based on their experiences and knowledge. Therefore was born the International Language and the important reflection on the identity of a people through their own words, their true wealth. Artistically I want to show, through my words, that if I say “red wine” I draw the 2016 bottle of Sassicaia and maybe it wouldn’t be like that for everyone; but if I say “speed boat” tonight and thought of a Riva Aquarama Lamborghini, many would agree with me. The painting of “International Language” research are unique, monochromatic, monolithic and immediately recognizable pieces.”

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